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Al Pacino versus Robert De Niro

De Niro's Biography

Probably if Robert De Niro had only played in "Godfather", nowadays he would still be called a genius. His play was (and is) really terrific, and practically every movie where he acts becomes super-popular.

Robert was born in the middle of World War II, in 1943. Maybe that explains the depth of his personality. He came into this world in New York to an artistic family (his parents were painters, and besides, his mother wrote poems, and his father created sculptures). The family was a mixture of Italian, Irish, German, English and French blood, and Robert inherited something from all of those nations, in his appearance (quite typical Italian), character, interests.

De Niro's childhood cannot be called easy, as his father left the family when Robert only was three; however they kept contact, as the father lived quite close to the place where Robert and his mother lived. He was an active child, and he often stayed with street children; that helped him probably to act in "The Godfather", since he knew the interior of street life from inside.

Robert started to play in school performances when he was just 10, and already then he was a remarkable actor. At the age of 20, he played in his first movie, "The Wedding Party". Later he had a fruitful cooperation with the renowned director Scorcese. For his role in "Taxi Driver" he candidated for Oscar. De Niro has been equally good in both dramas, comedies and thrillers.

De Niro has played in nearly 100 films, but has only received a few awards. Hopefully future will correct this mistake, and we'll see him not only being nominated, but also receiving awards.

De Niro has been married twice, and has children in both families. Nowadays he is living with his second wife Grace Hightower and their two children, a son and a daughter. Besides, he has four other children born earlier.

Robert is quite a typical Leo - proud, open-minded, likes to get attention, and also a very loving person. Al Pacino, on the other hand, has more Taurean qualities - he is serious, likes music and arts in general, is stubborn and also proud. Whom will you choose? It will be your decision, based on your personal preferences.

Pacino's Biography

Al Pacino came into this world just before World War II, in 1940, two years before De Niro. Same as De Niro, his birth city is New York, and also his parents separated when he only was 2. He also has Italian blood running through his veins. And he also spent plenty of his spare time in the street with his friends; that's how he learnt to smoke (both tobacco and cannabis), to drink, to curse and to fight. So, as a matter of fact, he wasn't very good at learning.

Similar to De Niro, Pacino started acting early. He first participated in school performances and later joined theatrical studios.
By the way, many people are not aware, but Pacino's first and middle names are Alfredo James.

Pacino played his first main role in "The Panic in Needle Park" (in 1971), but two years earlier he played his very first role, a secondary character, in "Me, Natalie". In 1972 he was nominated for Oscar for his legendary performance of Corleone in "The Godfather". He had to wait til 1993 though to receive his Oscar for his play in "Scent of a Woman". All in all, he has candidated for nearly 80 cinema awards, and he received over 25 of them! Not a bad result, do you agree? Well, of course, all that was well deserved.

Al Pacino has never been married (so far), however he has three kids (two daughters and a son) from two women whom he has dated in different periods of his life.

Nowadays he still can be occasionally seen in some movies, and besides, he has become a successful film director.

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