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Chris Rock Versus Martin Lawrence

We have observed fights between several sympathetic cinema stars, theater actresses, singers, composers and poets. Today we have another couple of famous cinema stars who have conquered with their play both America and Europe. Both are undoubtedly skillful and maybe even genius comic actors.

The list of their works include such legendary comedies as "Beverly Hills Cop", "Big Momma's House", "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" and many others.

That's certainly the brilliant play of both actors that made the above movies super popular. Besides, Martin and Chris are quite similar, probably that's why they have played workmates in "Beverly Hills Cop". Both are very emotional and have some crazy charisma.

As for the roles of Lawrence in the Big Momma comedies, they are certainly the American national wealth. The roles of Chris also are a true success.

It's not easy to choose between two of them, they are like twin brothers...

And still, we have to choose. It's time to vote! Please press the button.

Chris Rock's Biography

Chris Rock is most of all known as a stand-up comedian. His real full name is Christopher Julius Rock III. He was born in 1965 in South Carolina, but he grew up in Brooklyn. The astrological sign of Chris is Aquarius.

From his early childhood, Chris wanted to become an artist. That was not easy, as he came from quite a simple background (his mother was a social worker, and his father was a truck driver), and yet, one day his dream came true.

In the 80's he started to perform small roles and to play in stand-up comedies in different NY night clubs. That's where Eddie Murphy, a well-known comedian, met him. Eddie introduced Chris to his movie producer, and Chris got a role in "Beverly Hills Cop-2". That role made him quite famous, and in the 90's he played in several movies. He also participated in the TV show SNL. The show made him popular nationally.

In 1993 he had to leave the show. The period of life he had thereafter was not very successful. To survive and to grow professionally, he started to make his own stand-up comedies. In 1996 the comedy "Bring The Pain" made him one of the best comedians in the country. After that he started to get roles in some of the best comic movies of that time.

Rock has played lead roles in such films as "Dogma", "Down to Earth", "Nurse Betty" - to name just a few of them. However he did not abandon the stand-up comedy either. In 2004 he released "Never Scared", probably, his best show. At the same time, he started a talk show on HBO. He arranged interviews with American celebrities. Quite soon the show became popular, and he even received an Emmy for that show.

Rock holds three Emmies and about twenty nominations.

He is married to Malaak Compton-Rock, a business lady and social activist. They have two daughters together.

Chris is the oldest of five brothers. One of his brothers also is an actor, although not as popular as Chris.

Martin Lawrence's Biography

Martin Lawrence is one of six children born in the family of a military man. He was born in 1965 in Germany, where his father, John Lawrence, was serving. When Martin was six, his family moved to the US. However, soon his parents divorced, and his father relocated back to Germany. Since then the boy did not see his father very often, but he knew he became a policeman.

Martin's mother, Chlora Lawrence, had to work hard in order to support her six children. She tried several jobs, and at some point did several jobs simultaneously.

Quite early Martin discovered he was fond of boxing and of comedy. In fact, he was quite good at both disciplines. After he moved to Denver, he appeared at comedy club of Kings Wood. Shortly after he got his very first role in "What's Happening Now!". Then he played smaller and bigger roles in several movies. His breakthrough acting was in the movie "Do the Right Thing".

After that the actor played in numerous films and participated in several comic shows. He was also invited to TV shows on national and private channels, which made him even more popular. His own show "Martin" was a great success, too.

Lawrence's character is not easy. He has had conflicts with the police, including those due to using fire arms. Reportedly, he is using drugs (that probably can explain his sometimes weird behavior). His private life is not a success story, either. After the scandalous divorce from his wife, he has been accused of harassment by several acting female colleagues.

However, all that does not hinder his successful career. In 1995 he appeared in "Bad Boys", and in 1997 in "Nothing to Lose". In 1999 he participated in "Blue Streak", and in 2010 he played Malcolm Turner in "Big Momma's House"!

As of today, Martin has played in 25 films. Last time he appeared in 2011 in "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son", but his fans are still awaiting new bright comedies where he would play the lead role.

Lawrence has received three awards and holds over ten nominations.

Martin's brother and sister are really proud of him, and one of his sisters has even founded a fan club for her dear brother. Another sister is working as his assistant.

Besides being a talented actor, Lawrence has also shown himself as a skillful screenwriter and film director.

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