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Dwayne Johnson Versus Vin Diesel

And now you should take away your kids from the TV screens, as the next fight is between two superstars, both representing the heaviest weight category. So, ladies and gentlemen, please be prepared, as the two giants of Hollywood are coming to the ring!

So many guys in their childhood dream to become same as the participants of our fight; to be as strong, self-confident and attractive as Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel. And that's true, when we look at these guys, we know that they are 100 % machos!

For some years ago it was relevant to compare Terminator and Rambo. Those guys have become older (although they are still in good shape), and nowadays new legends have come to replace them. And they are as bright and talented.

Well, of course, Johnson and Diesel have not acted in such cult movies as "Rambo" and "Terminator". They cannot be associated with just one mega role. However, their future holds a lot for them, that is quite evident. Diesel and Johnson will certainly be starring in loads of movies in the nearest future, and we'll all have the privilege to watch them. However, today, let's watch first their fight. Give your vote, and see, if your favorite will be equally liked by thousands of other people.

Biography of Vin Diesel

Vin was born in New York in summer 1967 in world's most multicultural city - New York. When he was just four, he wanted to join a circus group. Fortunately, his mother persuaded him not to do that, and so today we have a great actor instead of a circus artist.

Vin's father-in-law tought acting skills, and he often took his children to different performances. That was probably one of the reasons why the young boy got interested in theatre and cinema.

Diesel was just seven when he played his first role. He was horsing around together with other guys on the roof of a theater, when the stage director saw them and asked for their help (she needed some kids for her play).

What initially was an episode turned out to be a long-term cooperation. Almost every day Diesel came to the theater directly from school, and soon their play was ready, and he could finally star in it!

Unfortunately, Diesel's work at the theater did not bring him much money, which he needed as he grew older and was becoming a teenager. So, at the age of 17, he was looking for a part-time job to get some cash. And he found such job. One of NY night clubs hired him as a bouncer.

At the same time Diesel begins studying in college. He gets interested in several subjects, one of them is English. After three years of studies, he decides to leave New York for another city to become a real actor. As any young guy, he was sure of his talent, but unfortunately, at the beginning critics underestimated his talent.

Fortunately, Diesel gets a job on TV. It's not a well-paid job, but it lets him be closer to his profession and to the true masters of cinema. Soon after that he wrote a script for his own film, which was done in recordingly short terms and with a minimum budget. The film was not widely popular, however thanks to that movie, Vin was noticed by Steven Spielberg. The famous movie director invited him to participate in several of his movies.

In 2002 he was nominated for the best male performance (MTV). In 2005 he received the Worst Actor Award by Golden Raspberry Award.
Vin is an excellent actor and, not least, one of world's sexiest guys.

Biography of Dwayne Johnson

Professional lawyer, actor, wrestler, college football player - all that is about him, Dwayne Johnson, aka "The Rock". He was born in 1972 (May 2) in Hayward (California). Both his father and grand-father were professional wrestlers. And that's not all! Also his grandmother on mother's side was into wrestling! She was a professional wrestling promoter.

Before becoming a wrestler, Dwayne was a football player. On the ring, he was known by his nickname "The Rock".

Having dedicated several years of his life to studying criminology and psychology, Johnson graduated from the university in 1995. However, his main profession remained wrestling. He became famous worldwide, won the WWF championship, and became one of the most popular wrestlers of his time.

During his career, he has become world champion (9 times), WWE champion (7 times), and he won twice the WWE intercontinental championship.

In 2000 Dwayne wrote an autobiography which he called "The Rock says", which soon became a bestseller. Since 2001 he has been concentrating on his acting career.

His first role was in the movie "The Scorpion King". It brought him 6 millions dollars. That was the highest first movie earning.

The Rock didn't only play in movies, he also participated in documentaries, series, TV shows, reality shows.

In 1997 Dwayne married Dany Garcia (of Cuban origin), and in 2001 they got a daughter. Unfortunately, they had to divorce in 2007. The divorce was quiet, friendly and without scandals. That's about it, what is known about Dwayne's life. Maybe that's why he is called "The Rock"; he is as unscalable as a wild rock.

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