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Eva Mendes Versus Eva Longoria

Another fight between two beauties. These two opponents have a characteristic appearance which make you believe that the girls are from Mexico. And their family names - Mendes and Longoria - make this illusion even more realistic, despite the fact that both ladies are born Americans (Mendes comes from Florida, and Longoria comes from Texas).

What's interesting, both girls bear quite a rare name - Eva. The same name belonged to the first woman in human history. Both actresses have the bright appearance of Latin Americans.

Mendes has played quite a few roles, but she became a celebrity after acting in "2 Fast 2 Furious" and, eight years later, in "Fast Five". Both movies had a lot of success in many countries.

The rival of Mendes also has played in several movies, but her true success was her role in the cult American TV series "Desperate Housewives". Gabrielle Solís made Longoria famous.

This fight is gonna be amazing, as both girls are bright, temperamental and seductive.

So do not hesitate and feel free to vote!

Biography of Eva Mendes

The charming actress Eva Mendes was born on the 5th of March 1974 in Florida. Her parents came to the US from Cuba. Her father worked with second-hand cars, and her mother was primary school teacher. Besides Eva, they had 3 other children. Some time after Eva's birth the family relocated to Los Angeles.

After school, Eva entered the university of Northridge and studied marketology and interior design. She made her down-to-earth plans, and was living a happy life, and then one day everything turned upside down.

One of her neighbors was a professional photographer. He made some photos of Eva for his portfolio which later came into hands of Hollywood agents. They saw that the girl was very skilled, and offered her to act in a video clip. Eva was intrigued by the show business, and she left university for this new promising profession.

First Eva played in music videos and in simple soap operas. Her first role in "Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror" was not too bright or successful. In 2000, when she acted in "Urban Legends: Final Cut" and "Exit Wounds" together with Steven Seagal, she got loads of fans, and she was noticed by many film directors.

In 2001 she brilliantly played a role in "Training Day". The movie became very popular. Scenes with naked Eva had probably something to do with that. And her next outstanding role was that of the girl friend of Mike Epps in "All About the Benjamins"

Eva's participation in "2 Fast 2 Furious" in 2003 made her name famous all over the world. After that Mendes was invited into serious projects with Hollywood celebrities, such as "Hitch", "Ghost Rider", "Fast Five" and others. For the role in "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" she was nominated for The Teen Choice Award. She became one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood.

Eva Mendes has acted in video clips with strong content for Calvin Klein, posed for Vogue and Campari, which she has often been criticized for.

The actress has an active social life, she is the face of Revlon, she fights against use of natural furs, and recently she has also become the face of Reebok, as she is fond of fitness.

Eva has had short-time affairs with Nicolas Cage, Will Smith and Matt Damon. At the moment she is dating her long-time partner, film director George Gargurevich.

Biography of Eva Longoria

Eva Jacqueline Longoria was born on the 15th of March 1975 in Corpus Christie (Texas). Her parents were immigrants from Mexico. Eva had three sisters.

Eva spent her childhood in the rancho of her parents. She did not like her appearance, and during some years she believed she was an adopted child... All her sisters were blondes with blue eyes, and only she had dark hair and dark eyes.

Compared to her beautiful sisters, Eva was an ugly duckling. But, like in the famous fairy-tale, one day she turned into a nice swan.

Having graduated from school, Eva was the only one of all four sisters who entered the university and studied kinesiology. She graduated from the university with Bachelor's degree.

Longoria participated in student theater, and later she moved to Los Angeles, in order to become a true actress, and the first time she worked as a theater agent.

Her first little role was in "Beverly Hills 90210". Then she played several Latin American girls in low budget series. She also posed for men's magazines.

Eva's first important role was that of Isabella in "The Young and the Restless". At the same time she married the actor Tyler Christopher. But the marriage only lasted for three years.

In 2004 she participated in the popular TV series "Desperate Housewives", where she played the rich and prudent housewife Gabrielle Solís. Eva received several cinematographic awards for that role.

In 2005 she also signed contract with L'Oréal.

Longoria has played main roles in "Harsh Times", "The Sentinel", in the comedies "Over Her Dead Body", "Crazy Kind of Love" and others.

In 2007 she married Tony Parker, a French basketball player. However their marriage was not long-lasting, they divorced in 2011.

Eva has created the charity "Eva’s Heroes" which helps children with reduced capabilities. Each year she participates in money raising campaigns for children's rehabilitation centers in Mexico.

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