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Jennifer Lopez versus Shakira

Biography of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez (or J.Lo, singer, dancer, designer, producer) was born on July 24, 1969 in Bronx, NY. Parents: Guadelupe Rodrigez and David Lopez. Sisters: Lynda and Leslie Lopez.
Parents sent Jennifer to a Catholic School, in order to protect her from the influence of the street. When Jenny was 5, she started to attend a choreography school. At the age of 7, she started to study singing. As J liked dancing, she entered a college, but soon she abandoned it.

When Jennifer is 17, her parents find her a job at the law office. They wanted their daughter to become a lawyer, her passion for dances was much stronger, though! So she also started to dance at night clubs, as she was working at the legal office during the day.

At the age of 18, Jennifer leaves her parents' home, as her parents did not approve her decision to quit the college. Jay starts turning in different video-clips and goes to castings.

The first problem she must face is lack of own place; her dance studio becomes her first house. When she was 19, her talent was acknowledged, and she was hired for a tour named "The Golden Musicals of Broadway". One year later Jennifer stars in the musical "Synchronicity", when on tour in Japan. Aged 22, she is invited to the music show "In the Living Color" by the manager of the show. Having participated on that show, Lopez acted for the first time in a TV series named "South Central".

In 1993 she finished her career on TV and got a role in the movie "My Family". After that, in 1996, she is filmed in "Jack", and in 1997 she wins the main role in "Selena". For that roles she earns her first million dollars and is nominated for the "Golden Globe".

In 1997 she participates in the thriller "Anaconda" and in the criminal drama "Out of Sight".

In 1998 Lopez starts her career as a singer, and records her first album "On the 6". In 2001 her second album "J Lo" is released. When turning a clip for one of the songs of that album, she meets Cris Judd, soon they get married. Ten months later they divorced. Jennifer acts in "Enough" and "Maid in Manhattan".

Some time later Jenny meets Ben Affleck. They are filmed together in "Jersey Girl". They want to marry, but that never happens. They part in 2004.

In June 2004 Lopez marries Marco Ethony who used to be her colleague. In 2007 they act in the film "El Cantante". In 2008 Jennifer gives birth to two nice kids, Max and Emma.

By the end of summer 2008, Jennifer is back to her work. She is seen again on movie festivals, fashion shows, and she also acts in movies. The two of her last movies are "Parker" and "Home".

Biography of Shakira

The popular singer Shakira, whose full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, was born in the family of the Lebanese emigrant William Mebarak and Colombian Nidia Ripoll. She was the last daughter of Mebarack, that's why from the very beginning she became family's favorite, even for her older step-brothers. In Hindi her name means "Light Goddess", her name has probably influenced her career.

She spent all her childhood in the city of Barranquilla (Colombia), in her family house. As her father owned a jewels store, the future singer was surrounded by numerous gems.
Everybody believed the girl was a genies. By the age of 18 months she already knew the alphabet, she could read and write when she was just 3, and as she became 4, her parents wanted to send her to school.

At school, her music teacher did not consider her very skillful. However the girl recorded her first song at the age of 8, and as a teenager, she became a famous singer in her city. That was not unnoticed by the recording company Sony Music. At the age of 13 she recorded her first album "Magia" with them, which was not a great success. At the age of 15, her second album named in Spanish "Peligro" was published. It was received by the public a bit better that the first one. Despite the bad luck, Shakira continues her efforts.

Short after the release of her second album, Shakira leaves Barranquilla for Bogota together with her mum. There she is filmed in the series "El Oasis".

However she is too much in love with music to fully devote herself to the cinema. One day, she got inspiration as she was taking taxi to her work, and she wrote her first own song, which played an important part in her life. The song "Dnde Ests Corazn?" was a real success and became mega popular.

Her next album "Pies Descalzos" also was a true success. Four million copies of it were sold shortly after its release. She became a star in Latin America, and so she started to sing on tour in different cities.

Her next album " Dnde Estn los Ladrones?" (1998) was composed twice. The first version of the texts was stolen from the singer at the airport. Shakira did not give up, she wrote her new texts, and found a producer to record the album. On the very first day after the release of the album, more than 300 thousand copies were sold.

A year later Shakira was nominated as UNICEF goodwill ambassador, and she was received by the Pope. She became very active in charity. She even opened an orphanage for children from poor families.

To keep her success, the singer made an acoustic concert in 2001. By then she had already won her first Grammy Award for the best album in Spanish.

The same year she releases her first English album named "Laundry Service". The name symbolizes for Shakira some years of her life, when she was kind of "washed"; she had to face loads of problems, and that was her personal "laundry".

Soon after that the singer records two other albums. In 2007 she stars together with Beyonc in their common video clip. That brings her even more popularity.

Nowadays the singer is living a happy life. She is in a relationship with the football player from Spain Gerard Piqu. They live together in Spain, and in the beginning of 2013 they had a brilliant event - their first son came into this world. He got name Milan Piqu Mebarak.

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