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Goldie Hawn Versus Kate Hudson

In this fight you will have to make a very unusual choice and decide, which actress of these two is the best.

For many these two actresses are not very popular. Some of you are probably seeing them on our ring for the first time. Although they are not extremely popular, that's true, the girls have played in some Hollywood movies and have been nominated for Oscar.

Another peculiarity of today's fight is the age of our fighters. Kate Hudson could be the daughter of Goldie Hawn, as the age difference is more than 35 years. And in fact, the truth is that Goldie Hawn IS the mother of Hudson.

So today we have a family duo. For many Hollywood fans Goldie will always be the light-minded blond girl whom she usually played in her movies. She has also appeared on the cover of Playboy.

As for Hudson, she has surprised many when she refused to play in "Spiderman". Well, maybe that decision was good, maybe it was wrong, anyways, that was her decision. And today we have to make ours!

Biography of Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn was born in Washington in 1945, in a talented family. Her father was a skillful violinist, and her mother owned a dancing school. At the age of 5, Goldie started to dance, and some years later she already participated in several performances.

When Goldie was 16, she played in "Romeo and Juliette". To pay her studies at college, she started to teach dances. After the college, Hawn entered the American University to study drama, however, after some time she abandoned the university and moved to New York, in order to continue her acting career.

Goldie was a charming and easy-going girl, that's why she was very popular among her colleagues. She liked to tell jokes, and she didn't mind playing light comedy roles, whereas many of her colleagues preferred drama.

She played her first episodic role in the TV series "Good Morning, World". That happened in 1967. For her next role of a shop assistant in "Cactus Flower" she was nominated for Oscar (in the category "the best supporting role"). To play in that movie, the actress had to cut off her hair and to change her last name. Her real surname Steinhoff didn't sound artistic enough to the film director. That's how she got her pseudonym - Hawn.

With the Oscar Award in her hands, Goldie had the privilege to choose roles which she wanted to play. And usually she opted for comedies. She started from comedies, and she decided to continue with the same style.

However, usually there are some exceptions to each rule. So it was also in Hawn's life. In 1970 she played a serious role in "The Sugarland Express" by Steven Spielberg.

The actress has been nominated six times for the Golden Globe Award. She is also a good movie producer and director.

In 1992 she played in "Death Becomes Her" together with such great actors as Bruce Willis, Maryl Streep and Isabella Rossellini. She has also starred in "The First Wives Club", "Town & Country" and "Phineas and Ferb".

At the age of 24, she married Gus Trikonis, who was a well-known actor and film-director. However, after some time their marriage turned to be a nightmare. Gus gradually lost his popularity whereas Goldie was invited to new movies. He became extremely jealous. After seven years, they divorced. Hawn had to pay him 75000 dollars.

Her second husband was the musician Bill Hudson. They got two children together, Oliver and Kate. Unfortunately, they divorced four years after they met.

However later the actress met the man with whom she is living a happy life. It's again an actor, Kurt Russell. In 1986 they got a son, Wyatt Russell.

Goldie Hawn looks happy and optimistic; she can even share her optimism and happiness with everyone who needs them. She seems to have the talent to enjoy every day of her life. Probably thanks to these qualities, as well as to her great acting talent, she has become the famous actress many people all over the world know.

Biography of Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson was born in 1979 (April 19) in Los Angeles. She was born in an artistic family; her father, Bill Hudson was a famous musician, and her mother, Goldie Hawn, was a well-known actress. She has Italian, Jewish, German and English blood running through her veins.

Her parents divorced two years after she was born, and Kurt Russell, her mother's next husband, played the father's role in her life. She never got a good relationship with her biological father, and to her, Kurt was her real father.

After graduating from college, she entered the New York University, from which she never graduated, as she chose to pursue her acting career.

At the age of three, she appeared on the cover of "Vanity Fair", which was a popular magazine at that time.

Her first role was in "Desert Blue" which she played in 1998. After that she had a couple of small roles. Her real breakout was the role of Penny Lane in "Almost Famous". In 2002 she appeared in "The Four Feathers", and in 2003 she played in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" together with Matthew Mcconaughey. The box office result of the latter movie was around 100 million dollars.

For "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" Kate received the Oscar Award, and at the Academy Awards ceremony she met her next husband, Chris Robinson, a rock musician. In 2004 they god a son, Ryder Russell Robinson.

In order to play in "The Four Feathers", she had to reject the role in "Spiderman". Well, that's a discussable decision, but in "The Four Feathers" Kate had a brilliant role which helped her to demonstrate the full spectrum of her abilities.

In 2006 Hudson divorced from Chris Robinson and started dating Owen Wilson (they played together in "You, Me and Dupree"). However, their liaison was not long-lasting. In 2010 Kate met Matthew Bellamy, and English singer and composer (he is the leader singer in "Muse"). In 2011 they got a son, Bingham Hawn Bellamy.

Nowadays Kate is basically raising her sons. However, from time to time, she plays in some movies. In 2013 she played in "Clear History", and currently she is working on "Good People" and "Wish I Was Here".

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