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Katy Perry Versus Britney Spears

This fight is between girls from two different age divisions. However, despite the age difference, both of them are extremely famous.

Whereas Britney is already a living legend, the young and charming Katy has lots of potential to reach Britney's fame or even overpass it.

Katy became a world star quite recently, and she keeps growing slowly but steadily. Quite a few of her songs have already become hits, and many compositions are certainly still to become hits in the future.

Her song about kissing a girl has gained her millions of fans internationally, both among guys and girls. As for Britney, it's quite for some time she has been the American sex symbol. Her eccentricity makes her even more popular, and gains her new fans.

Our today's fighters belong to different weight categories, that is true. Possibly the young Perry does not look as convincing as her rival. However maybe Katy's young age and her temperamental character will help her to defeat the American youth idol.

Britney Spears' Biography

Britney Spears, whose middle name is Jean, was born at the very beginning of winter, on 12.02.81. Her native town is McComb (Mississippi).

As a little child, she liked shows. First she sang in the choir of the local church. Her first professional performances started on the Disney Channel, where she met Timberlake, Aguilera, Ryan Gosling and other future stars. She has also studied at Broadway Dance Center.

Aged 14, she returned to her old school. However as artistic and temperamental as Britney is, she could not stay there for too long. After one year she decided to relocate to NY. There she opened a completely new page of her life; her career of the future pop star started there.

Her very first album appeared when Britney was just 17. It's called "Baby One More Time". In a short time, it became mega popular home and abroad. The songs were often played on TV, radio, the CDs were rapidly sold by thousands.

It was a bomb! Each song from that album was unique and perfectly fit the character and style of Britney.

The title of her album no. 2 was "Oops!… I Did It Again". Over 20 million copies were sold. The title was quite symbolic, Britney was in a way saying "oops, I became popular again, I could record songs which people expected."

More than 1,5 millions of Britney's second album were distributed in the first seven days. That was an unrivaled success, and Spears got into the Guinness Book. And besides, she was no. 12 among America's richest people.

Katy Perry's Biography

Katy Perry is a professional singer, music composer and actress. Her true name when she was born was Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. Her birth city is Santa Barbara. Katy is 3 years younger than Britney.

Katy's parents were preachers. They participated in building new churches, that's why Katy and her two siblings had to move quite often from one place to another.

Kate loved music, and together with her little sister, she sang in the church. In 2001 she prepared her first album bearing her name "Katy Hudson". To do that, she got help from Jennifer Knapp. The album reminds a lot of Christian gospel.

In 2001 Katy graduated from her school and relocated to Los Angeles. There she tried to visit as many events as she could, and to meet new people, especially musicians and music producers.

She records her first album together with Glen Ballard. In 2005 she recorded the soundtrack for "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants".

In 2008 her own album was ready. The album consists of 12 songs, which have become hits in many countries.

"I Kissed a Girl" was the main composition of that album. It became no.1 on the chart of the magazine Billboard Hot 100.

In 2010 Kate created another mega popular song - "California Gurls". She recorded it together with Snoop Dog. It was a true success; the song stayed on American charts for quite a few months.

Besides music, Kate also works with advertisement, and she is thinking about acting in the movies. She has voiced Smurfette in The Smurfs, she has also created her own perfume.

As for Perry's personal life, it's not as successful as her career. In 2010 she married Russell Brand, however after 1 year they divorced, for unknown reasons.
However, the life goes on... and Katy will certainly create many more new hits to make happy all of her fans.

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