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Lindsay Lohan Versus Scarlett Johansson

Today we have a new fight. Two respectful candidates to our virtual crown. Two charming blond ladies. Both are quite bad scandalous girls tough - Lindsay Lohan and Scarlett Johansson.

The career of the Swedish girl started quite early. Her first role was that of the sister in the legendary blockbuster "Home Alone". Already then many could see a sly girl behind that role. Their intuition was not wrong; nowadays almost in 50% of her roles Scarlett plays such a character.

However that's not just her screen image. Scarlett is similar to her roles also in her everyday life. The hot smile and the irresistible allure accentuate her sly character. Her rival today is Lindsay Lohan who is not less eccentric.

Many remember Lohan as a capricious schoolgirl or a sexy and bubbly student. In her real life, Lindsay is known as kind of a rebel. She often gets into trouble, which makes her even more popular.

So, today we have a fair fight, and maybe we can call our today's fight as a "fight of characters".

Lindsay Lohan's Biography

Lindsay Lohan was born in 1988. In the first years of her life she did not know what she wanted to become. But she appeared on TV when she was just 3. She played in many TV adverts. But gradually she got interested in the big cinema.

When she was 10, she played twins in the movie "The Parent Trap". She also played in some episodes of the TV series "Another World".

Her next role in "Freaky Friday" brought Lindsay another wave of popularity. She received a Teen Choice Award for that role as a breakout star. Besides, the movie got about 160 millions dollars.

Lin adores Marilyn Monroe. Sometimes she tries to imitate Marilyn. Besides, just like Marilyn, she is not only an actress, but also a singer and a model. In 2004 she recorded her first album, and soon after, in 2005, her next album appeared.

Since 2006 Lin has been fighting drug addiction. She has been caught for drink-and-driving, and she has attended Anonymous Alcoholics. However, despite her dependencies and treatments (including rehabilitation centers), she keeps working and creating wonderful roles.

And still, Lindsay had to say no to quite a few roles, because she was not able to play them. Therefore some film directors are not sure about her today's abilities, and are very cautious when it comes to inviting her to new movies. They say, Lin will need some time in order to clear her name. They are not sure though that Lin will ever be able to get rid of her addiction.

As a public person, Lin has been known for numerous relationships, but usually they were not long-lasting. She has had both boyfriends and even girlfriends (at least one, Samantha Ronson).

Lin has played in over 40 movies, has received 11 awards, recorded two CD's, seven singles, five video-clips. All in all, she has been nominated to about forty awards.

Scarlet Johansson's Biography

Scarlet was born in 1984 in the very heart of the US, in NW. Her astrological sign is Scorpio. She plays in many kinds of movies, both historical, fantasy, comedies, detective stories, thrillers and so forth.

For some time ago Scarlet's family came to the US from Denmark, hence such family name. She also has some Swedish and Jewish blood. Nowadays Scarlet tries to keep to the traditions of two religions - Jewish and Catholic. Johansson has 3 siblings, one of them is her twin brother.

Scarlet started acting as early as at the age of 8. She first participated in theater performances, as her mother wanted her to study theater. Scarlet's first cinema role was in "North"; she played in that movie in 1994. After that she acted in a few roles, but the one which everybody knows is probably that in the drama "Lost In Translation". For that dramatic role she received the British Academy Film Award as the best actress.

Scarlet has collaborated with Woody Allen. She enjoyed that work, and also Woody had good impressions from their cooperation. So far Scarlet has played in Allen's "Match Point" and "Scoop", and maybe their cooperation will continue.

According to several polls, Johansson is called the world's sexiest woman. She has beaten even Angelina Jolie! And besides, she sings! In 2007 she recorded her first album, whose producer was David Bowie. In 2009 her next album was ready. At least one of her songs were composed by herself.

The actress promotes the Calvin Klein and L'Oreal.

Mass media have attributed Johansson numerous relationships, however Scarlet claims she doesn't even know most of those people. She has been married with Ryan Reynolds (2008 - 2011), but they have divorced. Who will be Scarlet's new hero, time will tell.

Scarlet has a very good relationship with her mother, who also is her producer; therefore Scarlet is very thankful to her.

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