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Matt Damon Versus Leonardo DiCaprio

Our next fight will be between some of the best of Hollywood's actors, as of today. These are two charming lads and two talented actors whose play is distinctive.

Matt Damon is fighting against Leonardo DiCaprio. The second name is probably better known by cinema lovers. The contemporary youth loves Leonardo for his fantastic play in "Inception", whereas the older generation still remembers the young sexy DiCaprio in the blockbuster "Titanic".

That also was the role which made Leonardo famous. As for Damon, probably he is not worse in any way. His breakthrough role was in "Saving Private Ryan". He is especially good at playing serious, dramatic roles.

One of Damon's best roles in recent movies is that of Sergeant Colin Sullivan in "The Departed". In fact, both Matt and Leo have played in that movie, both actors' play is fantastic.

Well, it's not easy to choose just one of these two heroes. And still, the choice is yours. Think of all the movies in which they have played, which you have seen or heard of, and make your choice. Good luck!

Biography of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprion was born in November (11th) 1974 in Los Angeles. He first appeared on a TV show for children when he was just 2. And, in fact, he knew already in his childhood that one day he would become an actor.

As a teenager, he found an agent who saw the great potential of the guy and agreed to work with him. First Leo appeared in different adverts. Then he was hired to play in the horror movie "Critters 3". At the age of 19, he was nominated to Oscar for his complicated role in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape".

After that DiCaprio was very popular in cinema. He played quite a few roles in some films which were not as great as "What's Eating Gilbert Grape". In 1996 he played Romeo in the new version of "Romeo and Juliet" (named "Romeo+Juliet"). That movie was a great success, and it also became favorite for Leonardo's father.

After "Romeo+Juliet" Leonardo could choose the roles he wanted to play. And he always tried to choose the brightest and most interesting roles. He has worked with most talented and most popular directors. One of them was Martin Scorsese, for whom Leonardo became one of his favorite actors.

Aged 39, he is still single. Of course, that's an advantage for thousands of his female fans all over the world. However, he has had serious and long-lasting relationships, too. One of his partners was the model Bar Refaeli. He has also had affairs with Helena Christensen and Gisele Bündchen (both models).

The American actress Blake Lively was his fan since the appearance of "Titanic". They met in real life, and had a romance, which was not too long-lasting, though. Leo's busy schedule is probably one of the reasons why he had to end some of his relationships.

DiCaprio is certainly a skillful actor. It's probably some kind of mistake that he still does not have an Oscar. Well, let's keep our fingers crossed, and let's wait for new masterpieces by this master artist.

Biography of Matt Damon

Matt Damon was born on October 8th, 1970 in Cambridge (Massachussets). His parents divorced when Matt was a little boy, and he lived with his mother since then. They lived in a big house which they shared with five other families. Nowadays Matt remembers his childhood as a happy time, even if they have a lot of difficulties.

When he was 8, he met Ben Affleck who became a good friend of his. In fact, Ben also was Matt's distant relative.

As a teenager, Matthew already knew what he wanted to become. He decided to do all he had to, to become a good actor. However, when he spoke about his decision with his parents, they did not seem to be happy about that. They told him that he was free to study acting, but for his own money. That's what Matthew did.

Matt and Ben Affleck started their career together. They wrote the screenplay for "Good Will Hunting", which became a real success and won several awards, including Oscar and Golden Globe.

After the appearance of "Good Will Hunting", Damon received quite a few invitations from several film directors. In 1998 he acted in "Saving Private Ryan" directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg. In some movies he acted together with his friend Ben Affleck (they played together in "Dogma" and "The Talented Mr. Ripley"). To participate in "The Talented Mr. Ripley", Matt learned to play piano.

As a significant actor, Matt Damon is known for his role in "The Departed", the Bourne trilogy and the three parts of "Ocean's". In "The Departed" (directed by Martin Scorsese) he played together with Leonardo DiCaprio.

As of today, Damon has played in more than 60 movies. He has been nominated for about 40 awards, and received 19 of them. In 2013 he played in three movies, including "Elysium". In 2014 he will appear in "The Monuments Men" and "Interstellar".

Matt Damon is not only talented, but also very responsible in his work, maybe that is why he has become many film director's favorite.

Matt is happily married with Luciana Bozán Barroso. They have three daughters together, and Luciana has a daughter from her previous marriage (Matt's stepdaughter).

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