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Keira Knightley's Biography

Keira Knightley is a model and actress from UK who has become popular over the world. Most people have seen at least one movie with her play. She has acted in different kinds of movies, from psychodramas and historical to fantasy. If you haven't seen "Princess of Thieves" then probably you have admired "Doctor Zhivago", "Love Actually", "Pride & Prejudice", "Anna Karenina" or "Pirates of the Caribbean" in which she has starred.

Keira was born in London in 1985. Her astrological sign is Aries. As most people with Aries' horoscope, Keira is emotional, hard-working and also lucky. She can defend her opinion, and can easily perform lead roles, which she has proven many times. But of course, she started her career with a support role in "Star Wars". That was back in 1995 when she only was 10. But even before that, she has played another small role in a TV series, when she only was 8.

Knightley is considered to be a "serious" actress. She is capable of playing serious, deep characters. Maybe therefore she is so popular as a psychological thriller actress. Keira has acted both in European cinema, in Hollywood and in the independent genre. And it looks like she is still trying to follow all these three directions in her professional life.

Keira is known for not being too open about her private life. She does appear though from time to time in slick magazines. It is known that Keira had a relationship for some time ago with the Irish actor Del Synnott, as well as Jamie Dornan (a few years later). Currently the actress is married to James Righton who is a British musician. The couple doesn't have children yet.

Natalie Portman's Biography

Natalie Portman is relatively young (she is only 32), but despite her age, she has already played in more than 30 movies. Among them there are such super-popular films as "Léon: The Professional", "Paris, je t'aime" and "New York, I Love You".

Natalie comes from a Jewish family, and her birth place is Jerusalem. The real family name of her grandparents (her father's parents) was "Edelstein", they were Jews previously living in Russia and Austria. As for her mother's parents, they came from Poland.

As a child, Natalie didn't have any siblings, so she got all the attention of her parents. In addition, her father is a medical doctor, so the family was quite prosperous. Portman spent three first years of her life in Jerusalem, and then the family moved back to the United States, where Natalie got her upbringing. She claims she loves both countries, but Jerusalem is a special place for her. Natalie is the citizen of both countries, as American and Israeli legislation allow double citizenship.

Natalie has studied modern dance and, later, psychology. And she did that along with playing in movies! Besides, she is certainly gifted for languages. She speaks fluently French and German, but also such rare languages as Japanese, Arabic and Hebrew! All that in addition to her perfect English, of course.

Portman started to dance very early, when she only was four. She was just 13 when she played in "Léon: The Professional". Natalie believes she has always been a serious child, and always knew what she wanted to do. That's a little bit controversial to her horoscope, as her astrological sign is Gemini (people born under that Zodiac normally like to try loads of different things before they understand what they really want to do in their lives). But her biography proves that is true, she does know what she wants, and she has already successfully achieved many goals.

Portman is married to Benjamin Millepied, a renowned French dancer. In 2011 they got their first son, and in 2012 they married according to the Jewish traditions. The Jewish religion is very important to Natalie, and her husband has accepted to convert to Judaism. They have also decided to bring up their child in compliance with the basic Jewish traditions.

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