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Orlando Bloom Versus Johnny Depp

A new super fight within our star-fight project. This time the opponents are two undoubtedly talented actors, known to almost everyone in the world. Orlando Bloom and his colleague Johnny Depp.

Both actors have played in dozens of movies, however for most people their names are associated with one mega popular movie - "Pirates of the Caribbean". Probably, this was the most successful movie in the careers of both actors.

Since "Pirates of the Caribbean", thousands of girls all over the world have been discussing which guy of the two is more awesome, sexier and tougher. Of course, it's not possible to find the universal truth, as each girl will have her own preference. But our project will help you to determine which actor is more popular among the majority of voters.

All you have to do is to make your choice and to click with your mouse the image of your favorite actor.

So, don't be shy and vote for your idol!

Biography of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is a well-known all over the world and, undoubtedly, talented actor. However, his way to the stardom was not easy. Johnny was born in 1963 (June 6th) in Owensboro (Kentucky). His father was an engineer, and his mother was a waitress. When Johnny was just 7, the family moved to Florida, due to father's career.

Johnny's childhood was not always nice. His father could be quite rude. He would often drink and beat his wife and children. That's why sometimes Johnny preferred not to return home. He had his special street life, and even"owned" a certain cave. At the age of 12 he started to smoke and drink, and when he was 13, he got his first girl friend.

Depp was not good at studying, and he didn't like schooling. At the age of 15 he was excluded from the school. About that time he tried some drugs, but also he discovered the world of music. He began studying guitar play on his own, and at that time the guitar became his best friend.

At the age of 16, he left his home for good, and joined a rock band. They were not very successful, however, they played in the local pubs and earned their first money. During 4 years, Johnny has played with four different bands. At the age of 20, he joined "The Kids", which was a success in his early career. Through "The Kids" he became popular as a musician.

Through one of the band's musicians he met Laurie Ellison. She introduced him to Nicolas Cage. Nicolas advised Johnny to his cinema agent, and that's how Johnny's acting career began.   

His first role was in "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (1983). That was a true success. After that Depp got a lot of offers from many movie producers. He accepted almost all of them, as at that time acting was to him a way of earning oney. He still dreamed about music, though. In "Private Resort" he had to play some nude scenes. The series "21 Jump Street" (2012) where he played became a mega hit.

The spectrum of Depp's movies is quite wide. He has played both in such blockbusters as "Pirates of the Caribbean" and movies like "The Man Who Cried", which rather represents "art cinema".

Recently Johnny has played in "Dark Shadows" together with the charming Eva Green.

In 1998 Depp met Vanessa Chantal Paradis, a French singer. It was probably the greatest love in his life. Johnny moved to France to join his woman. In 1999 they got a daughter. All the fans believed that Johnny had made his choice for the rest of his life. However, in 2011 rumor had it that there was an affair between Depp and Eva Green. In 2012 Johnny and Vanessa separated.

Biography of Orlando Bloom

Orlando is certainly a talented actor and a charming guy who has worked in two mega popular projects - "The Lord of the Rings" and the "Pirates of the Caribbean". He was born in 1977 (January the 13th) in the UK, Canterbury.

When he was just 4, he lost his father. It was his mother and a friend of the family who educated him. When Orlando became a teenager, his mother told him that the "family's friend" was his real father.

As a child, Bloom was interested in arts, photography and theater, he also was very much into languages. He had also another hobby - horses, and he became a good rider, which certainly helped him in his future career.

Orlando was a very lively child, and he often got hurt. Once he got a back injury. Doctors doubted that he would be able to walk again. However he recovered quite soon, after a couple of weeks.

He started acting in school performances. At the age of 16, he joined the National Youth Theater. Later he got a grant to study at the British American Drama Academy. His first little role was in "Wilde". Later he studied at Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

While still studying, he got the role of the elf Legolas in the Lord of the Rings, which made him famous all over the world and brought him the Empire Award. He played also in the next parts of the Lord of the Rings. When it was over, he started to work in another promising project - "Pirates of the Caribbean". It was a mega success. Another successful movie was "Troy", where he played together with Brad Pitt.

In 2011 Orlando acted in "The Musketeers". In 2013 he was again playing in the saga about the Hobbits (same role of Legolas).

Bloom is married to Miranda Kerr (a famous model). In 2011 they got a son whom they called Flynn Christopher.

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