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Salma Hayek Versus Penelope Cruz

Another fight between two Amazons. Today's fighters are girls with hot characters, wonderful actresses, two beauties who are very similar. The incomparable Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz.

The girls come from Spain and Latin America. Probably, that's why they are known for their hot temperament. Their actor play is known for being passionate and hot. Both are talented actresses, there is no doubt about that. As for Salma Hayek, she is known as the best and most successful actress in Hollywood coming from Latin America.

Well, of course that is discussable, as tastes do differ, but that's the opinion of many moviegoers. Penelope Cruz also is very famous, no doubt.

Both ladies have loads of awards, which makes our today's fight even harder. So, please think, make your choice and give your vote!

Salma Hayek's Biography

Salma Hayek Jimnez was born in 1966, on the 2nd of September. Her birth city was Coatzacoalcos in Mexico. Salva was born in an international family. Her father, Sami Hayek Dominguez, was Lebanese, and he was a rich businessman. Her mother, Diana Jimnez Medina, was Mexican and worked as an opera singer. Both parents were very pious, that's why Salma got a strict education as a child.

Salma knew from her early childhood that she would like to be an actress. However, she entered the university to study international relations. After some time she quitted the program for good, and took a firm decision to become an actress.

When she only was 23, she got the main role in the telenovela "Teresa". That role brought her fame and love of millions of Mexicans.

Soon Hayek left Mexico to try her fate in the US. She settled in Los Angeles. In Hollywood, she had to start from zero, as did many other foreign actors and actresses. It was not easy, but after some time, her career went up. She needed about two years to master English and to acquire the American accent. When that was done, she played in "Desperado" together with Banderas. To some extent, that made her famous in the US, and the studios started to show interest for her.

In 1997 she acted in "Fools Rush In", together with Matthew Perry. She also got a small yet bright role of the queen of vampires in "From Dusk Till Dawn". In that movie she had to perform a magnificient dance with a snake.

Her best role was however in the movie "Frida" dedicated to the famous Mexican artist. The movie was made in 2002, and Hayek was one of the co-producers.

About that time Salma has founded a movie production company which she called "Ventanarosa" to create several TV movies and projects. Her first movie was "No One Writes to the Colonel", which was nominated to Oscar as the best foreign movie.

In 2003 she made "The Maldonado Miracle", for which she got the Emmie Award. She also has produced a video clip for Prince and the soap opera "Ugly Betty". Since than, Salma has acted in more than 10 movies, among them: "Bandidas", "Once Upon a Time in Mexico", "Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over".

Hayek was dating Franois-Henri Pinault for quite some time till they finally married in 2009 in Venezia, Italy. Their daughter Valentina Paloma is now 6 years of age.

Salma Hayek is one of the most elegant women among all the modern celebrities. She is known for being hardworking. Photographers love her, and her photos often appear in mass media.

Biography of Penlope Cruz

Penlope Cruz Snchez is widely known as Penlope Cruz. She was born in a simple family. Her mother was a hair dresser, and her father was a vendor. Her date of birth is April 28, 1974 (she is a Taurus).

As a child, Penelope was very interested in arts, especially ballet, she has even studied ballet since she was 10. Parallelly, she also studied drama, which was very useful for her future career.

At the age of 14, Cruz started playing on TV. She works hard, and she participates in several TV shows and video clips. In 1993 she plays in "The Greek Labyrinth". Because of the hard work, the actress got into hospital, as she had developed atrophy. She recovers soon, and plays in a new movie "Belle poque". For the excellent performance she receives the Oscar award.

However Cruz becomes widely and truly famous only in 1997, thanks to the movies "Open Your Eyes" and "Live Flash". In 1999 she plays in the movie of one of the top film directors of that time Almodovar. The movie is called "All About My Mother". After that Penelope becomes one of the favorite actresses of Hollywood film directors. In 2000 she plays Alejandra Villarreal in "All the Pretty Horses" by Billy Bob Thornton. In 2001 she stars in "Blow" as Johnny Depp's wife.

Her next success was "Captain Corelli's Mandolin". For her role in that movie she got a lot of attention from the part of her audience and mass media, and also her best compensation. The movie has already become cinema classics.

Penelope has had success also in her love life. She has had affairs with Matt Damon, Nicolas Cade, Johnny Depp and even Matthew McConaughey. However everybody was mostly interested in her liaison with Tom Cruise. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 2004. In 2010 Penelope married a 40 year old actor Javier Bardem (he also played in several Almodovar's movies). Already in 2011 they got a son.

Despite being very busy, Cruz is very much into charity. She has volunteered in Uganda, worked with parentless children. She supports several charity programs, some of them in Calcutta (India). Penelope also supports the RED movement.

Cruz has received several awards. In 2007 she got an award from the Spanish queen for promoting Spanish culture to the world. In 2009 she received Oscar for the best female role.

The actress holds her own fashion clothes shop in Madrid. It's called Amarcord (after Federico Fellini's movie).

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