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Sandra Bullock Versus Anne Hathaway

Our today's fight is between two Hollywood actresses. Owners of such awards as Oscar and Golden Globe are meeting on the ring today.

It's gonna be an interesting fight. Another tough choice, another dilemma. These two actresses are equal when it comes to their professionalism and actor play.  

As you may know, Bullock has become famous relatively lately. Her first big success was the movie "Demolition Man", where she played together with Stallone and Snipes. "Speed" was probably even a greater success. As for "Speed 2", it was a failure.

When Hathaway was starting her career, Bullock already had quite a few roles behind her, and many of them were successful. She was a renowned actress. But in 2009 Anne was acknowledged as the best young actress. Her career started well.

As of today, both actresses have acted in approximately same amount of films. This fact doesn't make voting easier. So, feel free to press any button you wish!

Sandra Bullock's Biography

Nowadays Sandra Annette Bullock is one of the most famous and top-paying Hollywood actresses. She has played, among others, in such movies as "Miss Congeniality", "The Lake House", "Speed", "While You Were Sleeping".

Sandra was born to the family of John Bullock, military man and voice teacher, and Helga Meyer, a professional opera singer. She was born in Virginia.

Sandra's mother was a big authority to her. From her mother she learnt about arts, the beauty of the classical music, basics of etiquette. Helga even taught Sandra acting, as much as she could while her daughter still was a little girl. Actually, Helga wanted her daughter to become an opera singer, to continue the family traditions. From her early age, Sandra learnt singing, as well as piano and guitar play.

The family spent many years in Germany, where Sandra learnt ballet dances and went to the local opera school for children. As a child, the girl spoke German more often than English. After twelve years in Germany, the family moved back to the US.

Sandra enjoyed the creative atmosphere in her family, but she firmly decided to choose a profession which had nothing or very little to do with opera. After graduating from college, Sandra entered the East Carolina University to study drama. She was a good student, and when she got her diploma, she moved to New York in order to become an actress. First she had to do some small jobs, like bartender and waitress, while searching for her first role.

First she played some secondary characters in musicals. In 1987 she was lucky enough to get her first serious role in the movie "Hangmen". Her participation in the TV series "Working Girl" in 1990 was a true success.

The role of Lenina Huxley in "Demolition Man", where Sylvester Stallone played her partner, made her famous. However the biggest success of that time was probably "Speed", where she starred together with Keanu Reeves.

Bullock has received over thirty smaller and bigger awards. In 2009 she won an Oscar for the leading role in The Blind Side. But she also was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award (some years earlier), so she has had her ups and downs.

Bullock has been married to Jesse James, but they divorced in 2010. After the divorce, she decided to adopt a child.

Nowadays you cannot see Sandra in new movies very often. Last year she played in "The Heat" and "Gravity". Otherwise she is very much into charity, and of course, she has her son, for whom she is most probably a very good mother. Recently she announced her intention to adopt another child. Time will tell if her dream will come true.

Anne Hathaway's Biography

Anne is quite a young actress, she was born in 1982. Her astrological sign is Scorpio. She was born in Brooklyn. Her father was a lawyer, and her mother was a successful actress. Anne was not the only child in her family; she has two brothers.

Hathaway's parents decided to give her the same name as that of Shakespeare's wife. Thus since her childhood, Anne had very high standards to go for.

Anne always wanted to become an actress. Her unusual name was her benefit. Besides, she was a good singer. As a little girl, she participated in theater performances, where she played some small roles. She got a lot of support from her mother, a professional actress.

In 1998 she sang together with the school choir at Carnegie Hall. Just a few days after that performance, she got one of the principle roles in the TV series "Get Real". By that time, Anne was just 16!

In 2001 Hathaway got her next role in "The Princess Diaries". Anne learnt a lot while working in that movie. The movie was a success. Several producers became interested in Anne. The same year she played in "The Other Side of Heaven" by Mitch Davis.

In 2007 Hathaway was already an established actress to play Jane Austen in "Becoming Jane". For that role she was nominated to the BIFA Award. For her outstanding play in "Les Misrables" Hathaway received an Oscar as the best supporting actress.

In 2009 LoveFilm named Hathaway the best young actress. And in 2011 she was the co-hostess at the Academy Award ceremony, together with  James Franco.

As to Anne's private life, she has dated Raffaello Follieri, an Italian businessman, for a few years. However, at some point Raffaello got convicted for misappropriating millions of dollars belonging to a charity foundation. He got into prison, and after some time they decided to divorce. In 2012 Anne married Adam Shulman who is a renown cinema producer.   

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