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Snoop Dog Versus 50 Cent

Another fight between two celebrities. Both are real cult figures. And both like to frequent night clubs, moving between them in the company of a group of sexy girls. They don't mind some alcohol and can spend hundreds of dollars on a daily basis.

Most American rappers relax that way, but when it comes to Snoop Dog and 50 Cent, the scale of their parties is really immense. These guys like to go out, and, to be honest, they like to smoke (not only tobacco) and to flow.

Both rappers started from zero and could gain public's love and appreciation, and make their way to the stars.

Nowadays Snoop Dog and 50 Cent are known all over the world. In almost every country you can meet a school kid wearing wide jeans and 5 size larger sneakers. That kind of fashion has been popularized internationally by our heroes. Both guys are with no doubt talented, and are admired by their audience.

The two rappers have been through many things, that's true, but they have been living a worthy life, and today they are role models for many teenagers in the US and worldwide.

And now you can choose the one who is the best for you.

50 Cent's Biography

His real name is Curtis James Jackson III. His date of birth is 06.07.1975. He was born in Jamaica in a single-mother family. He spent most of his childhood with his mother's parents.

When he was just 11, his mother died, poisoned with gas. That was not an easy time in Jamaica, there was high crime rate and also lots of drug trafficking (actually, for many Jamaicans selling drugs was the only way to survive). Curtis was no exception, and in the 90's he even spent three years in prison for this kind of crime. When he was released from the prison, he decided to quit the "business" and to become a rapper, but the gang did not want to leave him. He got nine bullets in his body, but somehow he managed to survive.

His voice first appeared in the songs of the band Onyx. In 2002 he released his single, and was noticed by Eminem. Eminem saw how gifted this guy was, and signed a contract with him. That was a watershed event in 50 Cent's life.

Thanks to his own talent, and with some help from Eminem, he becomes one of world's most popular rappers. That happens after he releases his debut album in 2003.

On music websites 50 cent's first album was called as a "break through" in hip hop music. The following years Curtis works hard, he records numerous compositions, and even founds his own band G-Unit.

The audience loved, along the music, the contents of the songs. They found the sincere stories of G-Unit being very close to their own lives.

In 2005 appeared 50 cent's next commercial album. Its title was "The Massacre", and more than 1,5 million copies were sold. However Curtis' talent is not limited to singing. He has published a book, voiced video games, produced an autobiographic movie.

It's worth mentioning that short before that, in 2004, Curtis survived an assassination attempt, and it's a miracle that he managed to escape with a whole skin. However that did not change his desire to write honest and unique texts.

His new CD "Before I Self Destruct" appeared in 2009. That brought him millions of new fans all over the world. His "secret" is probably his unique voice and direct texts of the songs (many of them are based on his own life).

50 Cent is quite similar to thousands of other rappers who sing about drug addiction, prison and tough life. But he has personally experienced all that, and therefore has something to say to his audience.

Curtis has made a really admirable way from the bottom of the society to the top, where he can meet other stars. He had the necessary character and talent to do that, and also he met the right people underway.

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