Healing An Emotional Affair With The Power Of The Mind

One of the most powerful things we can do with our minds is visualization. The great thing about visualization is that it is a great tool that can be employed by anybody who wants to foster the healing from an emotional affair. Visualization involves the use of creative imagery or images that are positive in the process of self suggestion. This process can try to alter any negative emotions that one may have experienced from an emotional affair and thus in turn provides healing for the person.

The essence if life is based on all the types of communication that we come into contact with from the moment we become self aware as children. These forms of communication are both verbal as well as non verbal. As we grow up, our understanding and perception of the different nuances from various forms of communication is what forms our reality. Therefore, one persons take on the reality of a situation may not necessarily be the same one as a person in a similar situation. In essence, we become exactly the people that we are due to how we think and perceive life. When a person has gone through some hurt that is not tangible, for example an emotional affair, you cannot just fix it by putting on a band aid since there is no visible wound. A good alternative to healing these hurts that we cannot put our finger on is by the use of visualization. This is letting the body work in tandem with the mind in making you get to a level of well being.

How does visualization work? The simplest way to define the way it works would be to say through the mind-body connection. This is the connection between the mind and the body that makes the body react in accordance to what the mind is feeling. For example, when watching a scary movie, people will exhibit the signs of fear during the horrific scenes. The mind will be frightened and the body will react to that by physically exhibiting the fear through a racing pulse, sweaty palms or even screaming in terror. With visualization, you only use positive images so that you can positively reinforce your physicality. This use of creative imagery is supposed to convey a feeling of well being from the mind to your body. It is then expected that your body should then start exhibiting the signs of someone who is in a happy place for example a rested pulse rate and an overall feeling of calm.

Most people may be critical to this kind of therapy but the truth is it actually works. For every emotional reaction there is a corresponding reaction in the endocrine system. For example, whenever anyone feels scared there first impulse would be to run which is brought on by the hormone adrenaline. For this reason, when getting over an emotional affair, visualization taps into the endorphins in your endocrine system to pit you in a happier state.

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