Twelve Tips to Empower Yourself by Delegating

Empowering is as much giving power to ourselves as giving to others. Only by trusting others and delegation can we perform tasks much faster than we can do ourselves. It is the key to building high performance by motivating and inspiring people to meet goals.

Empowerment can take place at home in the family, in the work environment or in the community. At home we can show trust and confidence in children by giving them the authority to do some tasks themselves, taking decisions in the process. This gives them tremendous self confidence and training to succeed and get happiness in life.

At work and in the community we build strength and loyalty by letting people work independently far beyond their own perceived capability. By empowering people we give them self esteem and make them feel that they are important to us. It helps them in their career development. It shows them that we trust them more than they do themselves. Such empowerment makes it possible for people to do seemingly impossible tasks.

We literally enlist the knowledge, energy and resources of all the people we delegate to. We are able to extend well beyond ourselves and get expertise which we do not ourselves possess to achieve our goals.

12 tips life coaches and business coaches give on how to empower people:

1. Motivate and inspire people by genuinely appreciating their efforts.

2. Focus on peoples’ achievements rather than failures.

3. Point out mistakes with a genuine desire to show the way to improve, never to criticise.

4. Be clear what you expect from them and give them first the resources required

5. Give people autonomy to take decisions themselves to achieve the specified goals. Let them innovate and take risks.

6. Let them feel a sense of ownership and responsibility by never saying “I” but always “we”.

7. Be a team leader and never the boss or owner. Set an example and be a role model.

8. Demonstrate qualities of leadership by offering gains of the team efforts to other members and not taking the lion’s share.

9. Be authentic. Pretense doesn’t take anyone far. Let your inner voice awaken that of others, helping them to realise their true potential.

10. Everyone should do what they do best and delegate the rest.

11. Empathise and listen carefully, literally sitting at the edge of your seat while straining to hear what the others have to say.

12. Delegate but do not abdicate your responsibility. Monitor and guide but only as a coach from outside the field.

Only by trusting others by empowering them do we become worthy of trust ourselves. This trust of the people around us gives us the power of leadership and ability to lead people to achieve seemingly impossible goals.

All the best,

Natalie Dee

London Life Coach & Business Coach

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